A quality and social impact-driven cooperative, ACODIHUE is known for its delicious Huehuetenango cup profile and forward-thinking initiatives to support women and youth and improve livelihoods in its farming communities.

Available Lots:

Premier Lot FTO

Fair Trade, Organic


69 bag(s) (69 kg) - Annex SLO

ID# SH8529

Premier Lot FT

Fair Trade


51 bag(s) (69 kg) - Annex SLO

ID# SH8527

Cafe con Manos de Mujer Lot 1 (women's coffee)

Fair Trade


21 bag(s) (69 kg) - Annex SLO

ID# SH8524

Cafe con Manos de Mujer Lot 2 (women's coffee)

Fair Trade


Sold out

ID# SH8528

Cafe Jovenes (Next Gen)

Fair Trade, Organic


47 bag(s) (69 kg) - Annex SLO

14 bag(s) (69 kg) - Costa Oro

ID# SH8530

About the producer

ACODIHUE is located in Huehuetenango, a coffee-growing region in western Guatemala. It was founded in 1996 after the conclusion of several development projects in that area by the European Union that had grouped farmers together into associations.

Eighty percent of ACODIHUE's coffee comes from indigenous women producers and growers in the mountainous territory of Cuchumatan, Huehuetenango. The most common reasons for these high numbers are widowing and migration into the United States; normally women stay behind to take care of the land and their children. To recognize the hard work of these women, ACODIHUE has obtained the certification Manos de Mujer (Women's Hands) through which the co-op acknowledges their contribution to their household and to the national economy.

ACODIHUE is also focused on supporting the next generation of coffee growers, and has a generational advocacy initiative to promote farm inheritance. Through the program, youth participate in trainings on organic fertilizer creation, organic production, agronomic best practices, post-harvest management, marketing, and sales. The youth involved in the program signed their first contract this year, so we are proud to bring you one of their first ever lots!

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