Malawi, Africa’s smallest coffee-producing nation, offers a unique coffee in flavor and style, with stone fruit, citrus, and sweet caramel flavors and a buttery body.



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Fair Trade, Organic


43 bag(s) (60 kg) - Annex SLO

7 bag(s) (60 kg) - Costa Oro

ID# SH7823

About the producer

Established in 2007, MZUZU Coffee Planters Cooperative Union is made up of six primary cooperatives: Misuku, Phoka and Viphya North, Nkhata Bay Highlands, South East Mzimba, and Ntchisi. With 2,469 members, MZUZU acts as an umbrella organization in charge of sorting, processing, and marketing the green coffee on behalf of its member producers

MZUZU farms are located throughout northern Malawi, in an area of the country with rain-fed highland which is considered the most suitable for coffee-growth and production. The good quality of the soil, along with high levels of rain and mild climate, have helped foster the growth of the country’s best coffee. Coffee producers have been farming in Malawi since the 1930s, though sales have been limited due to the scattered nature and small size of the grower cooperatives. Through the formation of the MZUZU Coffee Planters Cooperative Union, thousands of members have been able to organize and achieve a higher price for their specialty coffee, as well as work together to strengthen their coffee communities.

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