SNAP COFFEE was established in Addis Ababa in 2008 by coffee entrepreneur Negusse. The company runs three coffee washing and processing stations in the Gedeo zone and partners with washing stations in Guji and West Arsi, exporting specialty coffee to customers worldwide.

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Gedeb Kochere Grade 1


183 bag(s) (60 kg) - Annex SLO

2 bag(s) (60kg) - Costa Oro PDX

ID# SH8077

Sidama Nensebo Grade 1


Sold Out

ID# SH78079

Guji Hambela Grade 1 Natural


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ID# SH8078

About the producer

Each of our SNAP offerings comes from a different washing station:

SNAP’s Washed Kochere Gedeb Grade 1 coffee comes the Gedeb woreda and is grown by 584 smallholder farmers in the Chelchele, Chelbesa, and Gotiti areas who deliver their coffee to the Mijane Worassa wet mill in Worka town. The mill is owned by Daniel Mijane, a native of Gedeb who has developed strong linkages to the farmers in these areas near his mill. One innovation Daniel has made to the drying process at the Mijane Worassa washing station is drying the coffees in the shade, which slows the drying process and yields more intense and complex flavors in the cup. 

SNAP’s Sidama Nensebo coffee comes the Nensebo woreda and is grown by 678 smallholder farmers who deliver their coffee to the Refisa Washing Station from the surrounding areas of Refisa, Roricho, Bulga and Riripa. Each farmer has on average two hectares of farming land. Nensebo recently gained recognition by the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) as a distinct coffee growing area, categorized as Sidama D on the ECX coffee map due to its proximity to the Sidama growing region (hence the "Sidama" in the coffee's name despite the fact it's produced in West Arsi, not in Sidama). The Coffee Quality Institute recently partnered with the Refisa washing station, helping it to raise its operations to a new quality standard.

SNAP’s Guji Hambela coffee comes the Hambela Wamena woreda and is grown by 223 smallholder farmers from Ditmu Village who deliver their coffee to Gemede Dekama, a farmer in the area who specializes in the preparation of natural lots. His farm and natural processing operation is located in the Tirtira Goyo Village. Harvesting of mature cherries and careful selection on the drying beds are essential to creating this delicious natural, and workers at Gemede’s drying beds meticulously sort the drying tables so that lots are only comprised of the finest dried cherries.


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