Sustainable Harvest®

Sustainable Harvest® is an importer of high quality specialty-grade coffees from over 15 countries around the world. As pioneer of the Relationship Coffee Model, we’ve led the paradigm shift that has served as the foundation for the direct trade model and the interest in creating a closer connection between farmers and consumers.


Efficiency Through Innovation

As a result of our breakthrough work to establish greater transparency between farmers and roasters, we have established innovative systems that result in more reliable supplies of high-quality, traceable coffees that meet the myriad cup profile needs of our customers. These systems enable us to provide customers with up-to-the-minute tracking of coffees as they make their way from origin to our warehouses and optimize efficiency throughout the supply chain by capturing the path of each bean.

Connectivity Through Relationships

Our multi-cultural team of 31 staff representing five offices around the world create unprecedented connectivity throughout the Sustainable Harvest® supply chain. In addition to ensuring contract adherence and on-time delivery of coffee, our origin staff work closely with co-op leaders and farmers to train producers on best agricultural practices, risk management, quality assurance and business excellence in an effort to increase farm-level productivity. Our annual supply chain conference, Let’s Talk Coffee®, now moving into its 12th year is considered one of highest value events in the industry.

B Corp

We are a B Corporation

We are a B Corporation and our leadership in creating an inclusive business model has been recognized by influential organizations such as the G20 and Inc. Magazine and we’ve received coverage in numerous global publications including the New York Times, Time Magazine among others.

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Our Vision

Adding Value from Seed to Cup.

Fifteen years ago, when David Griswold founded Sustainable Harvest®, one of the biggest challenges facing the specialty coffee industry was the lack of transparency throughout the supply chain. The opacity was disempowering for farmers and made it difficult for roasters to establish consistent supplies of high quality coffee that met their customers’ taste preferences. Although opacity still exists in some corners of the industry, the importance of building relationships directly between farmers and roasters is now recognized as key to supply chain sustainability and, in many cases, has become a consumer brand-building opportunity.


Turning Challenges into Opportunity

As the industry continues to evolve, Sustainable Harvest® recognizes that relationships alone will not be enough to ensure the long-term supplies of high quality coffees our industry has come to depend on. Volatility caused by the C-market and agricultural challenges wrought by climate change are making it more and more difficult for farmers to support themselves and their families growing coffee.

Despite its tie to the C-market, specialty coffee is not a commodity. Demand for high quality coffees grown around the world will continue to rise, yet climate change and market dynamics suggest eventual scarcity. As an industry we have an opportunity to change this course and embrace inclusive supply chains that will service the growing needs of the specialty market year after year.

Investing in the Supply Chain for Business Benefits

Our goal is to continue to work collaboratively across the industry to establish a system that ensures farmers are able to make a reasonable profit on the sale of their coffee, enabling them to invest in their farms, feed their families and ensure their children are healthy and educated. This, in turn, will increase value to roasters and retailers by fostering consistency that results in customer loyalty and increases market opportunity.

Our Team

Meet our team from around the world.

Sustainable Harvest® has five offices in Latin America, East Africa and the United States that serve as global training centers for our supply chain. Our multinational team and our emphasis on communication creates an unprecedented level of connectivity from farm to cup.


15 Years of Innovation.

Sustainable Harvest® has been transforming the way coffee business is done for over 15 years, ever since our President David Griswold met a farmer named Pedro in a small office in the middle of Mexico City.

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Sustainable Harvest® Recognized by the G20

Sustainable Harvest® was selected at the G20’s 2012 event in Los Cabos, Mexico as a winner of the G20 Challenge on Inclusive Business Innovation. Issued by the G20 and managed by the IFC, this contest recognizes innovations in working with low income individuals that constitute the base of the global economic pyramid. Sustainable Harvest® was one of 15 organizations selected out of more than 300 applicants.

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