Sustainable Harvest® imports exquisite specialty coffees from around the world. For over 20 years, we’ve been using an innovative sourcing approach to disrupt opaque, commodity-driven trade. We focus on creating transparent relationships that increase value throughout the supply chain, all while fostering greater sustainability. 

We call that approach Relationship Coffee.


Connecting a World of Coffee

At the foundation of our supply chain are over 200,000 smallholder farmers from 18 origins who are improving their livelihoods through Relationship Coffee.


Backed by Data

Our proprietary traceability, impact, logistics, quality assurance, and inventory tracking systems offer unmatched supply chain and product insights.

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Your Team at Origin

Our local experts will help you find the most exquisite coffees from the best-managed, highest-impact farms and farmer cooperatives in the world.

Revolutionizing Coffee Since 1997

When David Griswold founded Sustainable Harvest® in 1997, transparency was a virtually foreign concept in specialty coffee. Farmers and buyers engaged in an opaque supply chain that created challenges for both sides, from farmers not knowing the expectations of their final buyers to those buyers not having a consistent supply of coffee. By leveraging the power of transparent relationships, Sustainable Harvest® helped change how farmers and buyers interact. While opacity still exists in some part of the industry, many stakeholders have discovered the importance of building relationships in their supply chain to strengthen their supply, foster greater sustainability, and offer a consumer brand-building opportunity.

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B Corp
Certified B Corporation
since 2008

Committed to Business as a Force for Good

Since our founding, Sustainable Harvest® has focused on building an inclusive economy that strengthens coffee farmers, roasters, and all other stakeholders through mutually beneficial business. In 2008 we joined a like-minded community of businesses when we became a Certified B Corporation. Sustainable Harvest® is proud to find common ground with these other companies that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We are frequently collaborating with other B Corps on projects that make the business world a better place.

Best for the world

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Our Team

Portland, Oregon, USA

David Griswold

Founder and CEO

Monica Terveer

Director of Sales

Liam Brody


Yimara Martinez

Quality Control Specialist

Oscar Magro

Chief Technology Officer

Jorge Cuevas

Chief Coffee Officer

Cora Coronel

Certifications Manager & Coffee Operations Specialist

Alfonso Carmona

Chief Marketing Officer

David Betts

Chief Financial Officer

Emma Taylor

QC Assistant and Customer Support

Erik Gates

Customer Service & Sales Coordinator

Mark Inman

Director of Growth

Andrew Brakebush

Senior Accountant

Andrew Ho

Digital Marketing Manager

Pamela Xiu Aban

Accounting Assistant

Kellem Emanuele

Chief Impact Officer

Bogota, Colombia

Claudia Rocio Gomez

Coffee Quality Manager

Liliana Rodríguez

Source Impact & Supply Coordinator

Leonardo Acosta

Coffee Quality Control

Lima, Peru

Oscar Gonzales

Supply Director

Dimar Zurita

Quality Specialist

Luis Cotrina


Central America and Mexico

Chabela Cerqueda

Supply Coordinator Mexico & Central America

Gema Lopez

Coffee Quality Control

Jerónimo Bollen

Director of Sustainability & Impact

Doris Quijivix

Events Manager

London, England, UK

Maire Reier

European Sales

Natasha Smitter

Logistics and Certifications

Eric Rukwaya

Commercial and Logistics Manager

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