Sustainable Harvest® honored by B Corp for fourth consecutive year

by Liam Brody on June 13, 2018 at 12:49 PM

At Sustainable Harvest®, we’re committed to improving the lives of coffee-farming families around the world—but it’s something we don’t do on our...

The Fuego volcano erupts in the heart of Guatemala's southwest coffeelands

by Doris Quijivix on June 6, 2018 at 12:02 PM
The active Fuego volcano. Source: Wikimedia commons
In this blog, Doris Quijivix, a member of our Guatemala origin team, reports on...

Launching La Lucha: A new line of exceptional green coffees from Sustainable Harvest

by Jamie Pockrandt on May 30, 2018 at 1:27 PM

The 2018 SCA Expo is over and our lives are slowly returning to normal, but the buzz of the show has not died down here at Sustainable Harvest....

A Journey to Resilience: The Sustainable Food Lab Explores the Future of Coffee in Southern Mexico

by Jerónimo Bollen on May 10, 2018 at 11:24 AM

About two decades ago, I started my coffee career by managing an incredible cooperative in Guatemala calledManos Campesinas, which serves over...

David Griswold honored with the Coffee Quality Institute 2018 Leadership Medal of Merit

by Robbie Lane on April 23, 2018 at 11:00 AM


Each year, the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) awards the Leadership Medal of Merit, the organization's most prestigious award, to individuals...

Sustainable Harvest SCA 2018 Schedule of Events

by Robbie Lane on April 18, 2018 at 8:11 AM

 The 2018 SCA Expo is here, and we have exciting activities in store for this specialty coffee gathering! Check out our schedule of events below,...

A New Era for Ethiopian Coffee

by Monica Terveer on March 28, 2018 at 1:09 PM

This blog is an abbreviated version of Relationship Coffee Manager Monica Terveer’s origin report on Ethiopia. To download her full report, click...

Creating new Q Graders in Honduras

by Claudia Rocio-Gomez on March 22, 2018 at 12:29 PM

Over four weeks in late 2017, I had the pleasure of witnessing the success of several dedicated coffee professionals in the Sustainable Harvest®...

Origin Insight: Guatemala 2018—Part 2

by Stephany Dávila on February 16, 2018 at 6:11 AM

 As I detailed in part one of my recap, I recently traveled to Guatemala’s Huehuetenango coffee-producing region to talk to cooperatives in the...

Origin Insight: Guatemala 2018—Part 1

by Stephany Dávila on February 12, 2018 at 4:30 PM

Though I was born and raised in Guatemala, every time I travel to our coffee-producing regions, I feel like I’m rediscovering my country.