The Relationship Coffee Model

Relationship Coffee transforms traditionally linear supply chains into engines for transparency, collaboration, and shared success.

Committed to Impact

Through Relationship Coffee, we build transparent and equitable relationships that increase value and accelerate sustainability.

NetZero by 2030

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions to keep global warming below the threshold of 1.5 °C.


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Sustainability Intelligence

Improve livelihoods through access to digital sustainability intelligence by 2023.

Proud partner of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge

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Invest in

Increasing women's full participation drives better outcomes for all.

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Pillars of Our Approach


Having offices in four coffee-producing countries enables Sustainable Harvest® to easily trace lots back to the producers who grew them, and our in-house system provides up-to-the-minute updates of coffee's journey from origin to port.


Sustainable Harvest® connects coffee buyers to coffee growers to negotiate price directly, discuss quality expectations, and create shared understanding.

MVP Program

Our Most Valuable Producer program connects roasters to some of the best-managed co-ops around the globe to provide a wide range of sustainably sourced coffees—from value organics to core blenders to distinct micro-lots.

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Investing in Origin

We co-invest with our roaster partners, donors and other actors to build farmer capacity, resilience and social outcomes in the origins where we source. 

An Internationally Recognized Approach to Sourcing

Over the years, philanthropists, government leaders, academics, and industry experts have recognized the innovative work we do in collaboration with our customers and producer partners, and the shared value it generates throughout the supply chain.

A Model for Sustainable Business

Stanford University publishes a case study on Sustainable Harvest® entitled "Business Built on Relationship and Mutual Benefit."

Recognized by the G20

Sustainable Harvest® wins the G20 Challenge on Inclusive Business Innovation—one of 15 organizations selected out of more than 300 applicants.

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Socially Conscious Companies Have a New Yardstick

Sustainable Harvest® is highlighted as a leading B Corp in the New York Times.

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Can The iPad Revolutionize Rural Agriculture?

Fast Company examines how we leverage cutting-edge technology.

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Clinton Global Initiative Meeting

David Griswold speaks on a panel with actor Jim Carrey, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, among others (panel starts at 9:20).

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Lemelson Foundation

The Lemelson Foundation supports the expansion of the Relationship Coffee Model in Tanzania.

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B Magazine

From Crop to Cup: How Cooperatives, Training and a Unique Partnership Is Changing Coffee and the Lives of Coffee Farmers in Rwanda

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SCAA Sustainability Award

The Specialty Coffee Association of America recognizes Sustainable Harvest® for setting a new sustainable sourcing standard.

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God in a Cup

Author Michaele Weissman explores the growing specialty coffee industry and interviews leaders of the Third Wave movement, including David Griswold.

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Global Sustainability

Mark Lefko's book profiles CEOs David Griswold, Richard Branson, Paul Polman, and others who "do well by doing good."

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SCAA Best New Product Award

Tastify™, a cupping app and flavor database developed by Sustainable Harvest®, is recognized at the SCAA Event.

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The Power of Collaboration

By bringing all coffee stakeholders to the table and fostering an environment of radical transparency, the Relationship Coffee Model creates the foundation for sustainable business. Leveraging actors outside of the traditional supply chain, such as philanthropy, government, nonprofits, and financial institutions results in increased shared value, most importantly in the form of improved farmer livelihoods and greater supplies of high-quality coffee. 

Strong Bonds Between Producers and Roasters

Long-term business relationships are an essential component of sustainable supply chains. Producers and roasters who partner year after year support the growth of each other's businesses and the prosperity of each other's communities, creating a powerful narrative of commitment that inspires the end consumer.

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Let's Talk Coffee®: Relationship Coffee in Action

Let's Talk Coffee® is an event series that gathers the coffee supply chain to meet, do business, and learn from thought leaders in a variety of industries. The events offer an unprecedented chance for collaboration, and provide a key opportunity for roasters to meet with the Relationship Coffee producers they source from in one-on-one meetings. The events are truly the Relationship Coffee Model brought to life, celebrating inclusive supply chains that are transforming how global business can impact society and long-term profitability.

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