Our Most Valuable Producer program connects roasters to the top echelon of Relationship Coffee producers, a group uniquely dedicated to buyer relationships, quality, performance, sustainability, and organizational excellence.

What is an MVP?

Each year, we evaluate our producers partners in a number key areas, assessing their ability to produce quality coffees that serve the needs of our clients. This is a rigorous assessment that we take seriously, as it indicates how well-suited a producer is to supply coffee to our customers. We are fortunate to partner with excellent organizations whose values align with our own, and overwhelming find that producers we choose to partner with perform well on this scorecard.

Some producers, however, score above and beyond what we expect of them, demonstrating a remarkable commitment to coffee excellence. We call this group the Most Valuable Producers, or MVPs.

What is the MVP Program?

The MVP Program is Sustainable Harvest®'s preferred supplier program that connects roasters to exceptional coffees and supports the MVPs as they work to maintain their high level of performance and innovate their product. Funded by Sustainable Harvest®, the MVPs themselves, roasters, and partner organizations, the program features farmer training events around the globe that equip the MVPs with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed as top suppliers. These events also provide opportunities for the MVPs to connect with buyers and learn about the needs of the rapidly evolving coffee market. Topics that are often addressed at MVP events include:

  • Quality control
  • Best agronomic practices
  • Processing techniques
  • Warehousing
  • Financial risk management
  • Compliance
  • Environmental process improvements
  • Market updates
  • Developing organizational excellence

Read more about our most recent MVP event, the MVP Central America Summit, here.  

How does the MVP Program benefit roasters?

The MVP Program connects roasters to a diverse portfolio of top-tier coffees, from value organics to exquisite micro-lots, produced by exceptional farmers. Beyond their pursuit of quality, these producers are deeply committed to on-time shipments, environmental stewardship, economic empowerment of under-resourced groups like women producers, and more. Their membership in the program develops long-term relationships with buyers that are built on consistent quality and performance year-after-year.

Here are a few of the key benefits roasters can enjoy from sourcing an MVP produced coffee:

Excellent cup quality

On-time delivery

Direct trade at scale

Consistent sourcing

Extremely low risk of defaults

Opportunities for origin engagement

Get in touch to learn more and request a sample of MVP coffee.

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