Long-term Relationships, High Value Coffees.

We source specialty-grade coffee from 84 producer organizations in 15 countries in Latin America and East Africa, representing a wide range of cup profiles which we sell on a spot and forward-booking basis.

Our coffees can be found in some of the most exclusive boutique cafes in North America, on grocery shelves in mainstream and specialty markets, and as the ingredient of choice for Roasters Guild winners and Barista champions. All members of our quality control team are Q-grade certified and spend a great deal of time in cupping labs working with producers and roasters alike to calibrate taste preferences and ensure we deliver on the quality and profile expectations our customers demand.

Leadership in Quality

Quality from Seed to Cup

Over 20 years of experience in direct coffee sourcing has proven to us that investment in our supply chain makes business sense. We bring the best technology and traceability systems to the farm level, partnering with coffee growers during cultivation, harvest, processing, and transport of coffee. The outcome is improved delivery performance, greater consistency, best-in-class reliability and exceptional quality.

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Connect to Origin

We don’t need to buy a plane ticket to know what is happening in the countries where we work–we are already there. Our team of multinational staff in five offices facilitates a dialogue among roasters, growers, and other partners every day-cultivating a connected, informed, and efficient supply chain. Stories, photos and video content from origin can be easily accessed here and can be freely used to support our customers’ marketing, communications and creative campaigns.

For those customers interested in establishing direct relationships with growers, our service model helps to scale direct trade initiatives in order to maximize reach and impact.


Traceability and Service

Sustainable Harvest® is service oriented and we tailor our sourcing, importing, and logistics to deliver unique, consistent, high quality coffees with a range of certifications and characteristics that meet custom expectations and enable long-term supply relationships. We deliver to a variety of warehouses and offer different financing and inventory management options.

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Featured Coffees




Buremera producers farm in a southern Rwanda microclimate characterized by high altitude, volcanic, balanced soils, and two annual periods of rainfall. The Buremera lots we buy are selected by combing through all of the daily deliveries of cherries to the washing station during peak harvest season and selecting only those that have a score of 86 and above. This year’s coffee is bright and balanced with brown sugar, lime, pomegranate and floral notes. 100% heirloom Bourbon, it is one of our favorite flavor profiles of the region.

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2012 was a year of incredible growth for Aprocassi, a small but vibrant cooperative in northern Peru’s San Ignacio region. Besides investment in new warehouses, cupping labs, coffee plant nurseries and organic fertilizer production, Aprocassi hired two full-time cuppers on staff, who have helped the cooperative to offer some of the best fair-trade, organic lots to come out of the region this harvest season. Aprocassi’s fully-washed coffees are very clean, with a bright, citric acidity that stands up to various types of roast profiles.

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Granja La Esperanza

Colombia’s Granja la Esperanza made waves in 2012 by winning three of the top ten spots in the Roaster’s Guild list of Coffees of the Year. During our frequent visits to Granja la Esperanza we’ve seen firsthand the dedication and detail that this group puts into producing its microlots, which are of the utmost quality and are separated by varietal. We currently have available their fully washed Pacamara, the only one currently produced in Colombia, and an Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee from their Potosi Estate, as well as other varietals.

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Customer Testimonials

We work with a range of coffee roasters in the United States and Canada–from small boutique roasters to national brands with large volumes. All of our customers are recognized for the quality of their coffee and their social missions. Six of our customers have been winners of the “Roaster of the Year” award by Roast Magazine.

“We share a common goal with Sustainable Harvest® of helping producers compete and thrive in the specialty coffee market. Our joint relationships not only foster supply chain transparency, but also improve both environmental and economic sustainability in the coffee industry—ensuring the long-term success of the farmers and enhancing our ability to provide great coffee to our customers.” Helen Russel, Equator Coffee and Tea
“As a green coffee buyer, the possibility to calibrate between different cuppers (for example, producers groups, Sustainable Harvest®, and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters) is of very much value . We had issues with coffee in Nicaragua, we rejected some samples. Sustainable Harvest® staff hops on a plane and goes calibrating…they are very direct, and capable to fly to any place in the world and set up a cupping lab within a week. They go and ask “Your quality is bad, why?” Their execution is flawless.” Ed Canty, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
“This shows within the participant organizations how we are related to each other’s needs. We are a kind of fusion, there is no such thing as that’s your problem as a farmer and this is my problem as a roaster. The same thing happened with prices went way up a couple of years ago, the farmers were willing to respect the contracts and not side sell. This is different kind of relationship.” Sevan Istanboulian, Cafe Mystique