Strong Bonds, Excellent Coffee

Sustainable Harvest® sources specialty coffee from over 200,000 producers in 18 countries around the world, representing a wide range of cup profiles and in-season coffees that we sell on a spot and forward-booking basis. Our selection of spot coffees is constantly rotating and carefully selected to showcase the finest-tasting Relationship Coffees. We can provide customized lots to fit your profile and blending needs.

Leadership in Quality

Sourcing Extraordinary Coffee

Our wide selection of Relationship Coffees is hand selected by our sourcing experts and agronomists at our offices in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Tanzania, and Rwanda. Our expert origin staff visits producers many times throughout the year.

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Creating Connections

Sustainable Harvest® pioneered the Relationship Coffee Model, an innovative approach to sourcing that results in sustainable coffees with exquisite cup profiles. The basis of Direct Trade, this model creates personal connections between producers, importers, and roasters, ensuring a stronger supply chain. Our customers can explore the stories behind the coffees we source at anytime through our online story portal, Growerspace.

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Traceability and Service

Transparency and traceability are integral to our supply chain. We reward producers for their hard work and pay them a fair and sustainable price. Their coffee is traceable from farm to cup using our custom software tracking systems that allow customers to view the complete journey of every bean throughout the production and importing process.

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Customer Testimonials

We work with a range of coffee roasters in the United States and Canada–from small boutique roasters to national brands with large volumes. All of our customers are recognized for the quality of their coffee and their social missions.

“We share a common goal with Sustainable Harvest® of helping producers compete and thrive in the specialty coffee market. Our joint relationships not only foster supply chain transparency, but also improve both environmental and economic sustainability in the coffee industry—ensuring the long-term success of the farmers and enhancing our ability to provide great coffee to our customers.” Helen Russel, Equator Coffee and Tea
“As a green coffee buyer, the possibility to calibrate between different cuppers (for example, producers groups, Sustainable Harvest®, and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters) is of very much value . We had issues with coffee in Nicaragua, we rejected some samples. Sustainable Harvest® staff hops on a plane and goes calibrating…they are very direct, and capable to fly to any place in the world and set up a cupping lab within a week. They go and ask “Your quality is bad, why?” Their execution is flawless.” Ed Canty, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
“This shows within the participant organizations how we are related to each other’s needs. We are a kind of fusion, there is no such thing as that’s your problem as a farmer and this is my problem as a roaster. The same thing happened with prices went way up a couple of years ago, the farmers were willing to respect the contracts and not side sell. This is different kind of relationship.” Sevan Istanboulian, Cafe Mystique