Gathering Our Supply Chain

Let’s Talk Coffee® is an event series organized by Sustainable Harvest® that serves as a tangible demonstration of the impact of the company’s Relationship Coffee Model. Every year, Let’s Talk Coffee® brings supply chain partners together in coffee producing countries to discuss pressing issues in the industry, strengthen business relationships, and participate in training workshops and cuppings. After a series of regional events throughout the year, Let’s Talk Coffee® culminates in a global event of exceptional scale and impact.

Fostering Collective Action

Now in its 13th year, Let’s Talk Coffee® has firmly established itself as specialty coffee’s leading collective action platform. By gathering everyone from producers and roasters to financiers and NGO representatives, the inclusive nature of the event sparks ideas, initiatives, and business relationships that transform the supply chain and define the future of specialty coffee.

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The Power of the Let’s Talk Model

Sustainable Harvest® has leveraged the successful Let’s Talk model for a number events, both past and ongoing. Learn more about them below.

Experimentos En Café

Experimentos En Café is an ongoing series bringing the most innovative coffee producers in the world to North America to meet with the continent’s most forward-thinking coffee roasters. Experimentos En Café was created to give producers a platform to share their experiments with coffee roasters in a face-to-face, learning-focused setting. These hands-on cuppings and presentations let roasters taste the fruits of the experiments, and give feedback to the producers.


let's talk robusta

Let’s Talk Robusta

Let’s Talk Robusta is an ongoing series featured at Let’s Talk Coffee®: Global focused on the role of Robusta in specialty coffee. While Robusta carries some stigma in the specialty industry, few have stopped to consider the potential for this species in specialty coffee. Let’s Talk Robusta brings cuppers together to learn how to properly assess, blend, and market fine Robusta, challenging preconceived notions of what specialty coffee ought to be. After all, a new product is a new opportunity for growth and profitability.

Let’s Talk Roya

Held immediately following Let’s Talk Coffee®2013: Global, Let’s Talk Roya 2013 brought together producers, roasters, importers, NGOs, financiers, and other relevant coffee industry stakeholders to discuss the current outbreak, learn about Roya mitigation techniques, and cup affected coffees to understand the impact of climate change throughout the supply chain. Let’s Talk Roya is part of a wide reaching, multi-stakeholder initiative organized by Sustainable Harvest® called the Roya Recovery Project.