Connect to Origin

What makes Sustainable Harvest® unique is our longstanding connection to communities from which we source coffee. All our origin offices include trained agronomists who focus on strengthening farm productivity, certified Q-Grade cuppers who work with suppliers to establish a consistent language of taste and quality control, and logistics experts who ensure contract compliance and on-time delivery. These coffee experts at origin help solidify market channels for producers and mitigate risk for our customers.


A Long-Term, Scalable Approach

Our work in coffee communities prioritizes scale and longevity. We employ the latest technology and leverage the ‘train-the-trainer’ model address challenges such as food insecurity, low farm productivity, water management and maintaining biodiversity.


Data Driven Impact Analysis

Rigorous use of field data is at the heart of the Relationship Coffee Model. We use scientific, analytical methods and standards of accuracy wherever possible, and we draw on our own experience of asking the right questions, about the right subjects.

Our Programs

Improving Livelihoods around the Globe.

We partner with coffee communities that we source from, as well as coffee roasters, NGOs, and development organizations, to implement programs that improve farmer livelihoods and conserve the biodiverse environments where coffee is grown.

Projects Map

Featured Programs

Enhancing Farm Management with Mobile Technology

Working with Tanzanian farmers, Sustainable Harvest® piloted a simple application intended to enhance coffee traceability, foster greater transparency and improve overall quality. Titled The Relationship Information Tracking System, or RITS, the program had a demonstrable impact on efficiency.

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Strengthening the Coffee Value Chain

In 2011, Sustainable Harvest® began a coffee value chain project in Peru with the goal of enhancing productivity and quality, improving farmer access to new and profitable markets and increasing technical and management capacity among seven cooperatives in the San Martin – a region, once considered the largest coca-producer in the world, that now holds great opportunity for growth in the specialty coffee market.

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Increasing Farm Productivity

Since 2008, Sustainable Harvest® has been training farmers in Latin America and East Africa how to produce their own organic fertilizer that is high quality, low cost and environmentally friendly. This work has helped farmers increase yields without substantial investments in expensive commercial inputs, allowing them to a sustainable path to business growth in long term profitability.

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Other Programs

Program Partners


Sustainable Harvest® leverages more than $4 million in development grants from foundations and academic, corporate and institutional partners, to deliver programs that accelerate the improvement of coffee farmer livelihoods and conserve the biodiverse environments where coffee is grown.


“The USAID/COMPETE program was eager to partner with Sustainable Harvest® on the Relationship Information Tracking System program and disseminate innovative tools among coffee producers and cooperative leaders. The RITS program helps to improve the efficiency and traceability of coffee production and supports cooperative leaders to manage volume and sales contracts transparently. The program fits well in USAID/COMPETE’s mission to increase competitiveness and trade in the region.”

Steve Walls, USAID

“The Lemelson Foundation was eager to partner with Sustainable Harvest® Coffee Importers to help them further disseminate the innovative development model they have produced. Sustainable Harvest’s® dedication to distributing useful technologies for coffee farmers reflects our Foundation’s mission to support invention-led development that meets basic human needs and provides individuals with income-generating opportunity.”

Julia Novy-Hildesley, Former Executive Director, The Lemelson Foundation