This organic washed from our friends at Bukonzo is balanced and clean, with a heavy body and delicious fruity notes of stone fruit and hints of floral and spice. 


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Bukonzo Organic

Available Lots:

Lot Name: Washed FTO 1

ID# SH11240

About the producer

The cooperative is located in the Rwenzori Mountains, known as the “Mountains of the Moon” by locals. Bukonzo Organic has strong ties to the native region of the Bakonzo tribe. In addition to supplying the area with glacier water, the mountain range is revered for its natural beauty and as a source of mythology for the tribe. The Bakonzo tribe and the cooperative now work in conjunction to promote the region’s social development and environmental preservation. What started as only 6 coffee farmers wanting to share the importance of organic farming in the region has now turned into a formidable movement.

The cooperative has run numerous initiatives to help farmers combat threats like soil degradation, landslides, and water shortages. So farmers can achieve a higher level of sustainability, Bukonzo Organic teaches them essential farming strategies and techniques, like shade growing and making organic compost.

But not only they have invested in ways to help farmers achieve better coffee quality, they have also invested in improving their quality of life by implementing environmental-friendly technologies like energy-saving cookstoves that have greatly reduced cutting down of trees and has saved mothers from inhaling toxic fumes in their kitchens; they also secured and invested in millions of tree seedlings to combat weather changes to protect the green life on the mountains and slopes, diversified farmer incomes through robust investment in apiaries so farmers can have a second source of income, and so that they can jealously protect the beauty of the coffee trees and beans through harvesting red ripe cherries which in the end provide a sweet cup and coffee sustainability in the region.

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