Located in the rainforest between the border of San Martin, Amazonas, and Cajamarca, Aproeco produces coffee with a sweetness made possible its rich micro-climate.


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Cafe de Neblina

Fair Trade, Organic


3 bag(s) (69 kg) - Annex SLO

ID# SH8399

About the producer

In 2002, a group of farmers in the state of San Martin, in the middle of the Amazon jungle, decided to start growing coffee with the help of ProNatur (Promotor of National Agriculture), an organization that promotes sustainable agriculture. As the years passed, the Aproeco coffee farmers grew more confident in their coffee’s quality, and they eventually made the daunting decision to declare independence from ProNatur and sell their coffee autonomously. In 2008, they founded their new organization, Aproeco, a self-sustainable coffee cooperative.

Aproeco has 474 member farmers, 270 of which are certified organic coffee producers. Aproeco has undergone an intense program to improve the quality of its coffees, implementing a cupping lab and roasting facility. In 2014 the cupping team started to cup each individual lot delivered to the cooperative. This work has helped them identify the great quality of their coffees—most of which are located at medium-high altitudes on the border of the virgin rainforest of San Martin and Amazonas, where there is a rich forest known for its orchids as well as the presence of wild animals.

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