Ahmad’s coffee is grown at around 1,200 - 1,600 m.a.s.l in the footsteps of Mount Argopuro, in Situbondo Regency, East Java Province of Java Island. He focuses on natural-processed coffee because the water supply is scarce in his area, and the government has not been active in helping build irrigation/water supply systems there. The harvest season begins around early May and ends around late July. The coffee varieties grown include Lini S795 and Kartika.

This particular coffee is sun-dried on raised beds after being cleaned and sorted by flotation. After being dried, the cherries are rehydrated, depulped, and then the beans are sun-dried again raised beds. Once the coffee is well dried, it is hulled and sorted by density before being packed and exported!

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Argopuro, East Java 

Available Lots:

Lot Name: Natural Hydro Honey

Natural Hydro Honey

ID# SH10691

About the producer

The Tlogosari Village, where the coffee beans are grown, has a social non-profit cooperative set up by the villagers for the community’s well-being. The cooperative is called “Walida Cooperative,” led by Ahmad Muhlisin in collaboration with Belift Green Beans. 20% of the profit from the coffee sales goes directly to the social non-profit cooperative, which runs a local K-12 school that educates the villagers. A small percentage goes to the government in exchange for letting the villagers grow coffee there.

After finishing his studies at the university, Ahmad became more concerned about the education level in his region, so he made efforts to educate the local villagers for free because many of the villagers were not prioritizing education. Many of them opted to quit school after elementary school to settle and work as farmers; others were getting married very early, at ages 14-16, not aware of more opportunities. So he decided to come up with a solution to bring more value-add to his village.


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