Bondowso coffee is grown at an altitude of around 1100-1200 m.a.s.l and is a mix of Arabica USDA 762 (Majority), Lini S795, S288, and Cobra. Harvest season starts around June to August.

This lot is a natural processed coffee. To process coffee this way at Bondowoso, they pick the cherries in their best ripping point; they are cleaned and sorted by flotation, then dried on raised beds. Once they are properly dried, they are hulled and sorted, using a density sorter; then, they are packed and exported.

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Bondowoso, East Java 

Available Lots:

Lot Name: Natural Process


ID# SH9946

About the producer

Pak Echwan leads the community of coffee farmers in his home of Dawuhan Village in Bondowoso, Situbondo, East Java. The village is positioned near the majestic Ijen Volcanic Crater.

Pak has a big vision for his village and coffee farmer community. Being one of the head coffee farmers in his region, Pak took the initiative to dramatically improve the quality of his community’s coffee and began educating farmers on proper farming techniques and agricultural best practices. The villagers quickly took to Pak’s process improvements, and with each year, Pak continues to implement better quality control protocols, as well as investing in better equipment and storage as a result from the increased sales.


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