This women-produced coffee is clean and balanced, with a smooth and creamy body and fruity notes of golden berry, grapefruit, and lime, a hint of black tea, delicious caramel sweetness, and chocolate notes.

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Available Lots:

Lot Name: Women's Lot

ID# SH-11339

About the producer

 This cooperative was founded in 2009 by eight members and has now grown to include 294 members, with 134 of them being women. The cooperative owns a coffee plantation of about 2.12 Ha with more than 6,000 coffee trees on the same communal plantations but also works with small individual farmers in the region.

One of the reasons why the cooperative was named Buhanga was to pass on the region's cultural history to future generations. In addition, the members are ethically oriented, and their activities focus on promoting women's empowerment. 

Women have been involved in Buhanga from the beginning, and the cooperative continues to increase the number of females in leadership roles, giving them space to show and grow their potential.

As a cooperative, farmers can access credit with no interest, which helps to pay personal bills like school fees. This, in turn, helps to increase their community's living standards. The cooperative also provides health insurance to its family members.

Conserving the environment is also a priority for the Buhanga coffee cooperative. They grow grasses used in mulching their coffee plantations, which helps reduce soil degradation. They also have a wastewater pit used for water collection, which is later treated to be reused in other agriculture-related activities.

Every cooperative member is involved in re-afforestation activities around our region and community. By doing so, the cooperative is ensuring the sustainability of the environment for future generations. 

One of Buhanga's goals is to not only support and benefit individual associates but also to impact their community.  




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