Campesinos Ecológicos de la Sierra Madre de Chiapas (CESMACH) farmers live in the buffer zone of the El Triunfo biosphere reserve where organic coffee farming is one of the few sanctioned activities in the delicate cloud forest habitat.

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Reserva El Triunfo


Fair Trade, Organic

44 bag(s) (69 kg) - Annex SLO

ID# SH8018

About the producer

Founded in 1994, Campesinos Ecológicos de la Sierra Madre de Chiapas (CESMACH) cooperative is well known for its strong leadership and adept organization. The cooperative’s staff and members understand that in order to succeed they must strike a balance between developing social programs and building a competitive business. This dual focus distinguishes CESMACH from other cooperatives. The balance is reflected in the co-op’s three maxims:

  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Strong values of respect, loyalty, democracy, social participation, and non-discrimination
  • Economic profitability and efficiency

Organic farming is strongly promoted, resulting in the certification of more than sixty percent of the organization’s members. In total, members have 1,250 hectares under organic coffee cultivation. Premiums are used to support a community savings bank to facilitate member access to financing.

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