El Guayacán is an eight hectare farm located in Nuevos Horizontes, a small community in southeast Ecuador located close to the border with Peru. The area is very remote—it takes approximately seven hours to drive there from the city of Loja. The farm is managed by three brothers: Camilo, who is 53 years-old, Vicente, who is 57, and Iván, who is 49.


Finca El Guayacán
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The Gaona brothers were born in the Espíndola canton of the Loja province, which is a very dry area where high-quality coffee is produced. However, they moved from this region 29 years ago in search of more productive lands when the area was hit by drought and economic depression. Together with their families and seven neighbors, they headed east, crossing the Andes mountain range until they arrived in the city of Zuma in the province of Zamora Chinchipe. Here, locals told them to keep heading to the east, where they could find verdant, uncultivated lands suitable for farming. After continuing their travels for another week, they arrived at Nuevos Horizontes and settled down with their families in search of a brighter future.

The Gaona brothers and their families carry out the tasks of the farm, including the harvest. Their income comes from their agricultural products, and as result they are focused on producing high-quality coffee with a classic Ecuadoran flavor profile beloved by coffee enthusiasts the world over.

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