Plan your coffee lineup and forecast your costs.

Forward booking offers an array of advantages over spot purchases. Most importantly, it allows you to plan your procurement months or even years ahead of time, allowing you to carefully select your product lineup and maintain consistency in your offerings. It also allows you to build a long-term relationship with growers, guaranteeing you the opportunity to buy coffee from them year after year. 

Relationship Coffee

The financial advantages of forward booking are also considerable, as the purchasing method allows you to lock in a contract-backed price for your coffee. You'll be able to forecast your green coffee costs well in advance, and even hedge your contract against the C market if you so choose. It's a financial service we're proud to provide and recommend to all of our customers.

In summary, forward booking can be highly beneficial because it allows you to:

  • Plan your procurement months or even years in advance
  • Maintain consistency in your offerings
  • Forecast costs
  • Utilize price risk management strategies to mitigate market volatility

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