To process the coffee, pickers are hired and trained to cut only ripe cherries; then, the coffee is pulped and processed at their mill and then transported to patios or African dryers, where the coffee is slowly dried in the sun to ensure quality.  


The by-products generated during the wet process (mucilage and pulp) are treated and processed to be used as organic fertilizers and nutrient-rich foliar sprays. 


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Honduras, Bicafe

Available Lots:

Lot Name: El Alto

ID# SH11350

About the producer

El Alto is located in Sile San Francisco, close to Cerro Grande in the Municipality of La Labor Ocotepeque, Honduras.
Finca el Alto has been growing coffee for four generations, starting in 1965 with Jose Aguilar, followed by Jose Daniel Aguilar, who inherited El Alto in 1978. Ludwin Daniel Aguilar began to work at the farm with his father, Jose Daniel, in 1992. The children of Ludwin Aguilar lead the fourth generation.
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