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You've never tasted Javanese coffees like these before. 
Experience unforgettable coffees from East Java.

We've partnered with Belift Green Beans to source six outstanding, remarkable coffees from East Java, a brand new sourcing origin for us at Sustainable Harvest. 

Founded by Ivan Hartanto, Kenny Soewondo and Kevin Soewondo, the pioneering team at Belift are leading the charge to sourcing sustainably and transparently in Indonesia, with a mission to elevate Indonesian coffee, and "revive Indonesian coffee in the international market."  We couldn't be more excited to work with them!

Join us on Thursday, February 4 and cup these coffees with us live! Not only are these exceptional coffees fully traceable and transparent, but they are highly unique in their processing and flavor profile.

We'll be tasting six coffees from two farms, Argopuro and Bondowoso, in East Java.

From Bondowoso:
Mt. Ijen, Natural
Mt. Ijen, Washed

From Argopuro:
Konang Springs, Anaerobic Natural
Konang Springs, Natural
Konang Springs, Honey
Konang Springs, Natural Hydro Honey

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