A well-established cooperative, Koakaka brings two decades of experience to their operations, producing a unique cup profile that has earned them top accolades over the years.


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About the producer

Koakaka coffee is grown on the slopes of the Virunga volcanos in the district of Karaba, Rwanda, about two and a half hours from Kigali. The cooperative was founded in 1999 with 875 coffee farmers, and has since grown to 1,316 cooperative members with 297 women and 1,019 men.

Koakaka has hit a number of significant milestones over the years that showcase their innovative spirit. In 2014, they began to segment their women's coffee, offering high-quality, high-impact lots to the international market. In 2016, Koakaka coffee was recognized by RWASHOSCCO as the best coffee in the country with a score of 90.3. In 2018, Koakaka continued that tradition of excellence by placing 10th in the Rwanda Cup of Excellence.

Koakaka has been a member of the African Fine Coffee Association (AFCA) and the International Women Coffee Alliance (IWCA) since 2016.


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