A father-son partnership is behind LiJiang farm, an advanced operation involving 45 farmer families and a well-managed wet mill.


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LiJiang is a farm and wet mill in Paling, named after its manager, Li Jiangrong, one of the few second-generation farmers in the region. The farm is managed by Li and his father JiaKe, a partnership that extends back more than a decade. These men are pillars of the local coffee industry, having one of the few coffee farms in Menglian that has been able to weather the challenges of changing policies and fluctuating markets. The farm is quite large, producing around 15 metric tons of coffee per year.

The farm is maintained by 45 families in the area, who also harvest the cherries and deliver them to the mill. Through this model, LiJiang management provides ongoing support, technical assistance, and fertilizers to these local farmers to ensure they cultivate high quality coffee and are fairly compensated for the high-quality coffee they deliver to the mill. 

Images by Yunnan Coffee Traders

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