This organic washed from Limmu Kossa will surprise you with its incredible fruitiness, with notes of lemon, red apple, and stone fruit, as well as hints of jasmine honeysuckle and lemongrass. It's a delicate, juicy, tea-like coffee that we are sure you'll love!


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Limmu Kossa

Available Lots:

Lot Name: Organic Washed

ID# SH11242

About the producer

Limmu Kossa is a 356-acre estate in the Jimma zone of Ethiopia owned by Giday Behre. The farm was established in 2000 and now employs 500 people full-time, year-round. In the towns near Limmu Kossa, Giday is known as Ollie, which means "one who uplifts" in the local language. Given Giday's work to build schools, roads and provide subsidized goods and services to Limmu Kossa's workers, the name is fitting—he is a pillar of the local community.

43 different species of trees shade the heirloom coffee varieties growing at Limmu Kossa, which helps the beans develop slower, becoming more dense and flavorful as a result. Cherries are processed with two on-site environmentally-friendly wet mills and one eco-mill equipped for both wet and dry processing. The farm also has a honey production operation consisting of more than 107 modern beehives.



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