Regarded as one of the premiere farms in Yunnan, Mangzhang enjoys mild weather well suited for coffee production, and is managed by veteran farmers who have taken its production to new heights.


Available Lots:

Grade 1 Natural


12 bag(s) (60 kg) - Continental NJ

ID# SH7996

About the producer

Mangzhang is an estate farm located in Nanya. It is owned and operated by a husband and wife partnership, Mr. Hu Xixiang and Mrs. Li Guangqiong. The farm has a small crew of full-time staff who work at the farm year round, and then during harvest season the neighboring villagers will come over and be paid as pickers for the harvest. The farm stretches over 62.5 hectares.

This lot is processed by a natural method. The coffees are dried for a few days (usually 3-4) and then they are bagged for another roughly 72 hours. When a winey ferment smell emanates from the cherries, it signals the fermentation is complete. Drying is then resumed for roughly 20 days, depending on weather. The coffees are then stored as cherry pods and taken to a high-end dry mill in Pu’er city to be hulled. 

Images by Bryon Lippincott for Yunnan Coffee Traders

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