Through relentless dedication to excellence, Mayogi have become coffee superstars in Rwanda: In 2018, they placed second in the Rwanda Cup of Excellence with a score of  90.06. Request a sample of their exquisitely flavored mandarin-peach coffee and we're sure you'll understand why!


Available Lot:

Women's Coffee


296 bag(s) (60 kg)

Annex SLO

ID# SH7878

About the producer

Founded in 2010, the Mayogi Cooperative is located in Gicumbi District of the Northern Province of Rwanda which features an ideal climate for strong flowering leading to highly productive trees. For many years, the cooperative was comprised of only 108 farmers. Then, in 2017, 270 women graduates of Sustainable Growers' training program joined the cooperative. With this newfound strength in numbers, the cooperative immediately achieved a significant milestone: In 2018, they placed second in the Rwanda Cup of Excellence with a score of 90.06. They also received a Presidential Award and were recognized by cuppers as a top quality producer at Let's Talk Coffee 2018 during a cupping of exceptional offerings from around the world.

Today, the cooperative is women-led: both President and Vice President are women, and the board of directors is 50% female. The cooperative owns their own washing station, giving them much needed control over the entire production process to realize the full quality potential of their coffee.

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