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Beyond purchasing responsibly-sourced coffee, an important way buyers can support coffee producers is through projects at origin. With more than two decades of experience partnering with top organizations in the private sector, government, and philanthropy, we are leaders in maximizing impact in coffee-producing communities. 


A goal of any project we implement is to unlock the power of farmers to become successful businesspeople who will continue to prosper after the project ends. To achieve this, we incorporate key tenets into our approach:

  • Innovation: We are always challenging the economic development project status quo and looking for ways to increase impact through forward-thinking trainings, technology, knowledge sharing, and more. 
  • Farmer-first: We ask farming communities what they need to grow their business, and work with them to meet that need. Consultation and partnership are crucial to the process.
  • Invest in women: Involving women in projects results in elevated impact, improving livelihoods and coffee quality beyond the possibilities of standard projects.
  • Collect data and document the process: Hard data and storytelling assets allow you to tell the story of impact in your sustainability reporting and to your customers. 

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