Organic coffee farming is uncommon in Colombia because of the high cost of organic inputs and the low yields of organic plants. However, Red Ecolsierra banded together to form a supportive organization dedicated to increasing the profitability of organic coffee farming.

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Founded in 2001, Red Ecolsierra (Network of Eco-Friendly Producers from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta) is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range, which contains both rainforest and snow-capped mountains. The group formed to consolidate the efforts of producers so they could pave the path to sustainable production. Their goal was to effectively market and sell the group’s coffee while encouraging sustainable, eco-friendly production methods instead of traditional conventional production. Today, Red Ecolsierra consists of 18 small groups representing 600 families—235 of which are organic-certified farms, with 365 farms in transition. In addition to coffee, Red Ecolsierra farmers produce honey, cacao, and a roasted coffee product, called Café Tima, that is sold domestically in Colombia.

Red Ecolsierra connects Colombian organic farmers and farmers interested in transitioning to organic. As a group, Red Ecolsierra has been able to bring many services to its members: the construction of basic sanitation systems, coffee pulp composting stations, garbage and recycling services, forest conservation, and wildlife protection programs, to name a few.

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