This bright and vibrant Fairtrade and Organic Certified coffee with notes of orange, chocolate, and subtle sweetness, is another Rutas del Inca favorite of many of our customers! 


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Rutas del Inca

Available Lots:

Lot Name: Washed

ID# SH-11476

About the producer

The Rutas del Inca Agrarian Cooperative has been working hand in hand with its associates for eight years. Currently, the organization has 300 small coffee-producing families as partners, who cultivate their coffee at around 1,554 - 2,409 m.a.s.l.

Rutas del Inca sets itself apart in the Peruvian coffee landscape as a young, quality-driven cooperative that leverages its incredible micro-climate to produce some of the finest coffees in the country. 

Their production area is also quite different than most parts of the country. The farmers of Rutas del Inca grow their coffee at high elevations, wholly encased by mountains. Therefore, the weather remains cool throughout the year, thanks to winds that breeze through in the middle of each day.

Rutas del Inca has been consistently excellent since we first started working with this coffee. As soon as you put it on the cupping table, it is very recognizable!


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