This Organic and Fairtrade certified natural is incredibly fruity, with notes of berries and stone fruits like apricot and black cherry, hints of floral notes, delicious sweetness, and a smooth body.

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Available Lots:

Lot Name: Natural

ID# SH-P11236

About the producer

Located in the northern part of Rwanda, this co-op has been registered by the Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA) since 2004. Its members grow coffee trees at high altitudes in the hills, making for an incredible cup.

Abakundakawa Rushashi was the first co-op to promote women in Rwanda's value chain through the Hinga Kawa women's association. In addition, the co-op strives for coffee quality and the social well-being of its farmers: Its coffee washing station is Fairtrade certified, and it was the first Rwandan co-op to apply for Organic certification.

Fairtrade and Organic certified Abakundakawa is a promenaded cooperative that continues to show the improvement of livelihoods and its community. The cooperative is located in the northern part of Rwanda and produces sweet and fruity coffee that has scored 87 and above. 

This coffee comes from the "Ishema" group - Ishema means "Pride" in native Rwandan - a group of 400 young men and women associates of the Abakundakawa, who look to produce high-quality coffee, reducing rural migration of young people by creating jobs and to promoting family succession planning in the coffee sector. 





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