This Organic and Faitrade certified coffee will surprise you with a bright, clean, complex cup and its delicious notes of apple, chocolate, grapefruit, and black tea.


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Coffee drying at koakaka


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Lot Name: Washed

ID# SH11348

About the producer

A well-established cooperative, Koakaka brings two decades of experience to its operations, producing a unique cup profile that has earned them top accolades over the years and worked to improve the livelihood of its members whilst preserving the local environment. Located in the South Province of Rwanda, at the edge of Nyungwe natural forest, a protected natural reserve and green lung of the region. Thus, environmentally friendly agriculture is an objective of the cooperative and is completed with rainforest and Organic certification. 

The cooperative was founded in 2002 with 875 coffee farmers and has since grown to 1,358 cooperative members with 1,339 women and 1,019 men. The cooperative collects coffee cherries from implemented 70 collection centers operating in 3 different districts. Operating three coffee washing stations: Karambi, Muganza, and Gaseke established in 2003, 2015, and 2017 respectively, and owning a women's communal coffee plantation of about 4 Ha and more than 7,500 coffee trees.  

Koakaka has hit several significant milestones over the years that showcase its innovative spirit. In 2014, they began to segment their women's coffee, offering high-quality, high-impact lots to the international market, where in 2020, Koakaka commissioned its own dry mill.

Ikerecyezo women coffee” association (Ikerecyezo means: Common vision) of Koakaka has formed women saving schemes and as an integral part of agriculture, women started Goat farming for contributing to providing fertilizers to crop production- mostly to organic farming for organic coffee production and milk to fight malnutrition. These women share all their coffee sales premium, which they have invested in purchasing three communal coffee plantations and forming an Artisans hand crafting association for handcraft items production of woven Bowls, styled Agaseke baskets and other beautiful Customarily woven craft items for decoration and fashion for home decor, jewelry, and textile collections.

Ikerecyezo women are well trained, and with demo plots and with more than 1,000 coffee trees each, their master good agricultural practices in Mulching, pruning, use of composts and manure, hand-selective ripe cherries harvesting, etc. 


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