Selva Andina (Asociación de Productores Cafetaleros Selva Andina) is a large cooperative made up of 10 sectors, or co-bases, that extend across the regions of Cajamarca, Amazonas, and San Martin in Northern Peru.

Selva Andina

Selva Andina

Available Lot:

Café Pilko

Fair Trade, Organic


175 bag(s) (69 kg)

Costa Oro Seattle

ID# SH8003

About the producer

Selva Andina was founded in 2007 to primarily support farmers in the areas of production, agronomy, and collection; outsourcing export and finance services. But in 2013 Selva Andina decided to get directly involved in its coffee sales, market access, financing, and exports. With this change, Selva Andina was able to greatly improve the quality of its coffees and also get more knowledge about risk management tools. Selva Andina's newfound discipline and responsibility has allowed the cooperative to return increased value to its members.

The organization is run democratically, with a five-person board of directors and a two-member fiscal counsel. Each representative serves a three-year term and is elected through the General Assembly. The staff is formed by 10 people, which includes two trained cuppers, three technicians, two operations people, and three administrative positions.

The lot’s name “Pillko” comes from an endangered bird that lives in the areas where Selva Andina farmers grow their crop, serving as a way to pay homage to the co-op’s delicate and revered natural surroundings.

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Selva Andina

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