These special offerings are from Sustainable Harvest®’s Oaxaca Single Village line of coffees, which represent coffees produced by smallholder farmers from a single regions throughout Oaxaca who lack access to cooperative membership.

Single Village

Single Village Oaxaca
Available Lots:



63 bag(s) (69 kg) - Annex SLO 

ID# SH8151


Loxicha Lot 1


144 bag(s) (69 kg)

Annex SLO

ID# SH7753


Loxicha Lot 2


15 bag(s) (69 kg)

Annex SLO

ID# SH7960



About the producers

Since the Roya outbreak of Mexico’s 2015 harvest, the situation for coffee farmers in Oaxaca has been bleak. Coffee yields have fallen 80% as a result of the disease, causing many cooperatives in Oaxaca to dissolve. The farmers that produced these Single Village coffees are groups of enterprising producers who have persevered in this challenging era without cooperative support and its accompanying organic certification, re-engineering their farms to achieve new heights of production and better coffee quality than ever before. Each lot in our Single Village line comes from a single region within Oaxaca, as indicated by the lot name. 

These farmers have good reason to press on: The state of Oaxaca contains the third-largest coffee production area in Mexico, surpassed only by Chiapas and Veracruz, which are the largest and second-largest, respectively. It’s a top production region with a terroir that yields unique and exceptionally delicious coffees.

After trying these coffees, we’re sure you’ll share native Oaxacan and SH Chief Coffee Officer Jorge Cuevas’ enthusiasm for the program to highlight distinct micro-growing areas: “Single Village Oaxaca coffee is a unique selection from my home state. Sourced directly in partnership with individual growers and community groups, Single Village coffees display a unique terroir and character that make them stand out on any cupping table. Inspired by the famed Mezcal culture of Oaxaca, Sustainable Harvest Single Village coffees showcase the most distinct micro-climates of Oaxaca's diverse cultural and geographical regions.”

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Single Village

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