Twongere Umusaruro (which translates as “Increase Production”) is a cooperative made up of 125 women and 10 men coffee growers from Eastern Rwanda’s Rukara Sector in the Kayonza District. The growth and success of this coop reveals the potential of Kayonza for coffee growing, a region previously known for its dry rolling hills and banana plantations.

Twongere Umusaruro

Twongere Umusaruro

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We're pleased to share that Twongere Umusaruro is part of our "Double Your Impact" program. Sustainable Harvest® will be reinvesting all profits earned from Rwandan coffees sales into Rwanda farmers through the Relationship Coffee Institute

Twongere Umusaruro merged with two other co-ops, Dukunde Amahoro and Agaseke, to form a new organization with the common interest of increasing coffee productivity and quality. Sustainable Harvest® Rwanda came to Kayonza District in 2013 and began working with the newly merged Twongere Umusaruro, providing the cooperative with agricultural and technical assistance in coffee.

That assistance included training programs in best agricultural practices, including pruning, mulching, composting, harvest, and post-harvest handling. In the summer of 2014, Twongere Umusaruro began construction of its own coffee washing station with the support of the community, Sustainable Harvest® Rwanda, and the local government. In 2015, the Twongere Umusaruro coffee washing station fully operational. Coffee was delivered to the station from farmers in the surrounding area, both Sustainable Harvest® Rwanda trainees and non-trainees.

This washing station not only acts as a processing facility, but serves as a symbol of transformation, allowing the coop and its members to claim ownership over the sun-dried coffee coming from the washing station.


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Twongere Umusaruro

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