YiWU coffee is from the the Shigaoqing region, located east of Pu’er City. This region traditionally has been a famous tea growing region, but some farmers here have turned to coffee production after enduring volatile tea prices. This area of Pu’er does not have as much production as other areas, but is well known-known for is quality, embracing quality over quantity. 


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YiWu coffee is managed by three farmer families in the village of KanNiuShan (rough translation is: Grazing Cattle Mountain), located in the Shigaoqing region of Yunnan. KanNiuShan offers an exceptional micro-climate for production due to its position on the warmer northeast side of the mountain, which is extraordinarily steep but well protected from the cold weather that causes the opposite, more gently sloped side of the mountain to regularly develop frost.

This lot is processed with the natural method. After harvest, the cherries are laid on raised beds for 4-5 weeks, after which point they are hulled in a high-end dry mill in Pu’er city. 

Images by Yunnan Coffee Traders

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