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Status Updates 3/26/20

Posted by Andrew Ho on March 31, 2020 at 3:46 PM

Countries updated in this post: Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, USA, Canada, Colombia

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Kenya | Mozambique | Tanzania | USA | Canada | Colombia



Port: Mombasa
Risk LevelYellow
Status: Open, with precautions
On March 10,  the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) put in place measures to protect staff and port users. Hand sanitizing stations have been installed and workers are practicing safe hygiene Operations are not interrupted. All ships are being inspected and certificates of free pratique are being issued.



Port: Beira
Risk Level: Green
Status: Open
The Port of Beira is taking extensive precautionary measures to ensure that all crew members aboard vessels leaving and entering the port are not infected. Vessels entering Beira are held in quarantine until at least 14 days have passed since its departure.



Port: Dar Es Saleem
Risk LevelYellow
Status: Open, with precautions
Operation and business has seen a downturn. The Port Authority is taking serious precautions, requesting vessels to install emergency equipment and ships originating from overseas are thoroughly crosschecked at port by health officers and port staff. All services are operational, depots are fully functional, terminals are operational and container deliveries are taking place.


United States of America

Warehouse: Annex SLO
Risk LevelGreen
Status: Open
The Annex is open for business on a "day to day basis." Cutoff time for next-day orders has been moved from 11AM to 10AM, PST. Noticeable slowing in response time observed. Closed Friday, 4/10.


Warehouse: Costa Oro Intl.
Risk LevelGreen
Status: Open
Normal Operating Hours both PDX and SEA.



Warehouse: Seaforth Supply Chain Solutions
Risk LevelGreen
Status: Open
Normal Operating Hours.



Port: All
Risk LevelYellow
Status: Open, with restrictions
As of 3/26, the Colombian government has implemented a country-wide compulsory home isolation, which includes shutting down businesses. While this will most likely affect our suppliers (producers, processors, exporters), transport companies are exempt.


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