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Status Updates 5/15/20

Posted by Andrew Ho on May 15, 2020 at 12:50 PM

Countries updated in this post: Colombia

5-15-20 updates



Ports/Warehouses: Planadas
Risk LevelYellow
Status: Lockdown order in effect
On Tuesday, May 12 at approximately 3pm, the Municipality of Planadas in Southern Tolima confirmed the first case of Covid-19 in this strategic coffee-growing region.

The case was traced to a supply truck from outside the region delivering essential food. Given the lack of infrastructure in Planadas necessary to weather an outbreak, an immediate lockdown order was implemented. This order will stay in effect through Tuesday, May 19.

As a result, all coffee-related operations in the region have temporarily ceased. A delay of at least one week is expected.

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Topics: Colombia, COVID-19, South America, Risk: Yellow