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Announcing our 2017 Impact Report comic

Posted by Liam Brody on December 19, 2018 at 7:04 AM

Telling the story of La Lucha (the fight) for a more sustainable supply chain

The odds stacking up against coffee farmers around the globe are like we’ve never seen. Climate change, inequality, and market volatility all threaten producer livelihoods. Yet despite these challenges, there are heroes in our supply chain who are standing up for what's right and embracing La Lucha (the fight) to improve coffee sustainability and quality.

In our 2017 Impact Report, we recognize these heroes and highlight how they have inspired us to build a more equitable, higher-performing, more resilient supply chain. We've chosen to tell this story of impact in comic form, a medium many of us love. We hope our “impact comic” will help make the massive issues facing coffee a bit more accessible, and inspire more heroes to join in La Lucha to create a better future for coffee.

Read the report in the e-reader below or request a copy via the form below to see how heroes in our supply chain tackle coffee's biggest challenges, and how you can join La Lucha to create a better future for everyone in coffee.


Request a copy of our 2017 Impact Report

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