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Our Newest Boots on the Ground

Posted by Sara Morrocchi on August 8, 2012 at 10:37 AM

In order for Sustainable Harvest’s® Relationship Coffee Model to be successful, we must continually ask ourselves how we can help farmers produce the best coffee possible. A major factor in the success and productivity of a farmer or cooperative is having the right kind of support at origin. In the past year, our origin offices have gone through many changes, including the addition of staff to the teams in Peru and Tanzania. We have experts in agronomy best practices, quality control, sustainable agriculture, and more. All of our new staff bring invaluable knowledge and skills which will help Sustainable Harvest train trainers to have a greater and more sustainable impact. I’m proud to introduce these new staff members to you all now, we look forward to working with them and are excited about what they will bring to the table for our company and the coffee supply chain as a whole.


Arnaldo Rolando Quispe Janampa, Chief Agronomist

Arnaldo is a professional agronomist with a degree from the Universidad Agraria de La Selva and years of professional experience in agroforestry and coffee cultivation. He has specific experience in the preparation of organic fertilizers using the Gaicashi method, including the reproduction and maintenance of efficient microorganisms and the preparation of liquid fertilizers. Having worked in many regions throughout Peru, Arnaldo has a distinct understanding of the culture of specialty coffee communities in the country and the realities they face every day. He is also a very capable trainer, and has experience running group meetings, field trips, rural workshops, internships, and technical meetings with a focus on bettering the production and quality of coffee in Peru.

Brian Harris, CVC Project Manager

Brian S. Harris R., project manager for the CVC (Coffee Value Chain) Project, has nearly 20 years of experience in the global coffee industry. From 1990-2010 he lived in Costa Rica where he worked as a specialized journalist covering coffee and Central America for various news agencies including BridgeNews, Reuters, and Coffee & Cocoa International. His time in the region coincided with the emergence of the global specialty coffee market, several natural disasters, political upheaval, and the development of new markets and coffee varieties. Brian moved in to the NGO sector in 2010 working as an advisor to the Media Institute of Southern Africa Lesotho chapter before returning to the coffee sector and Sustainable Harvest® in April 2012.

Born in Concepcion, Chile, and raised in California, he graduated from the School of International Affairs at The George Washington University and speaks English, Spanish and French.

Christian Chambilla, CVC Project Agriculture Specialist

An agronomist by profession, Christian Chambilla specializes in the management of rural development projects. He has over 7 years of experience in areas of social conflict where the main goal is to achieve comprehensive community development. He formerly worked with the coca supply chain to promote lawful livelihoods within the coca supply chain, which was a challenging undertaking. Through producer organizations, Christian has worked with communities and community leaders who he has helped develop the skills they need to become agents of their own development.

Christian specializes in strategic planning, community development, strengthening producer organizations, agroecological production, and natural resource management.


Jasmin Hamisi Mushi, Project Agronomist

Jasmin Hamisi Mushi is the Project Agronomist for the productivity and food security efforts implemented by Sustainable Harvest® in the northern Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Prior to her work with Sustainable Harvest, Jasmin attended Egerton University where she earned her degree in agronomy. She has also worked at the Tengeru Livestock Training Institute, where she taught future village extension officers and also organized short-term training courses for farmers.

Kaminyoge Mhamerd, Agronomist

Kaminyoge Mhamerd, a professional agronomist for Sustainable Harvest®, graduated from the Sokoine University of Agrictulture in 2009. After graduating, Kaminyoge worked at the Utengule Coffee Estates Tanzania Limited as the Plantation Agronomist/Assitant Manager. He is now proud to be part of the Sustainable Harvest® team. He will be working as a field project agronomist based in the Mbinga District of the Ruvuma Region of Tanzania.

Rachel Maleza, Up-Cycling Project Intern

Rachel Maleza will be working as an intern for Sustainable Harvest’s® Up-Cycling Project in Northern Tanzania. Before joining the project, Rachel worked with CARE International on many issues including climate change, food security, human mobility research, and an integrated water resource management project. Rachel graduated from Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro, Tanzania with a Bachelors degree in Environmental Sciences and Management. She is excited to work with all the great people at Sustainable Harvest® and looks forward to learning a lot.

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