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Relationship Coffee: Resilience

Posted by Andrew Ho on July 23, 2020 at 5:20 PM


The Relationship Coffee Model was formed on the idea that coffee supply chains don’t have to follow a linear path, a system that too often leads to inequality and is vulnerable to instability—a system that is unsustainable. Instead, we believed that an approach based on transparency, collaboration, open communication, and mutual understanding could lead to long-term, shared success for everyone in the supply chain.

That's why we created Relationship Coffee, a system built on a network of strong, mutually beneficial relationships. These relationships, when present throughout the supply chain, make the entire system much more resilient to external forces like climate change and market fluctuations. These relationships enable us to come together quickly, pool our ideas and resources, and collectively adapt to difficult times—including the one we’re in now.

Through empathy, transparency, and innovation, we can find the strength to be resilient.



In this time of separation, Relationship Coffee reminds us that we are all connected. That even though we may be thousands of miles apart, we are one community—we always have been. Because what happens in one part of our community affects us all.

When times are hard, we come together. We must have empathy for our brothers and sisters in the coffee world and find the strength to take action.



At the heart of Relationship Coffee is transparency. This has, and always will be, our guiding principle. Because with transparency comes open communication, which builds trust. Transparency forms the foundation for strong, lasting relationships that we all must depend on when times are tough.

Now, more than ever, the coffee world needs radical transparency and openness. The coffee world needs us to come together. 



The Relationship Coffee Model is—and always has been—driven by radical, innovative ideas to make the coffee world a better place. It's only through creative, unconventional thinking and pushing boundaries that we find solutions to coffee's biggest challenges.

Now, more than ever, we need innovators and forward-thinkers. We need you—to share your ideas and help us meet the new challenges now facing the coffee world.

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