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Sustainable Harvest®-sourced Ethiopian wins a Good Food Award

Posted by Chris Ryan on January 12, 2015 at 11:08 AM

Since 2011, the Good Food Awards has been rewarding achievements in flavor and environmental sustainability. On January 8, the awards’ 2015 winners were announced, and Sustainable Harvest® is proud to have sourced one of the winners in the coffee category: Sidama Homacho Waeno from Oakland, Calif.’s Blue Bottle Coffee.

P1170984Homacho Waeno is a 3,500-member cooperative founded in 1975. Its 4,000 members cultivate coffee on 2,000 sloped hectares of rich volcanic soils in Ethiopia’s Sidama region. On average, members’ farms are between 5 and 7.5 acres in size, and on that land they grow many coffee varieties native to Ethiopia, including Wolisho, Gurume, and Dega.

The co-op produces world-class coffee with citrus and spice notes balanced by nice acidity and a nuanced, sweet aftertaste. Blue Bottle won first place with the coffee in the Africa category at Sustainable Harvest®’s Roaster HarVees in October 13, held in conjunction with the 12th annual Let’s Talk Coffee® event.

P1170988The Good Food Awards honor products in several categories, including beer, chocolate, and pickles. Seventeen coffees were awarded in the coffee category in 2015, and African coffees dominated: 10 Ethiopian coffees and 4 Kenyan coffees won awards.

Homacho Waeno is currently available in Sustainable Harvest®’s Current Offerings.

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