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Drip Irrigation in Kibwigwa Village

Posted by Wynne McAuley on August 8, 2011 at 2:58 PM

The drip irrigation project in the Kigoma region met with success in Kibwigwa village. Everyone is very excited to start using their own drip-tech systems that will work smoothly, even on the steep slopes. These systems are efficient, easy to maintain, and garner huge water-savings. Families and community members will be able to use the system for household plots of vegetables and cassava–using less water in a more effective manner. Any water-savings help a lot to preserve water resources for families’ use. I’ve posted some photos of the first system set-up below. Enjoy!


DSC015132 DSC01516_1 DSC015081

Topics: Agronomy, Drip Irrigation, East Africa, Food Security, Programs, Tanzania, Vegetable Gardens