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Rwandan Multi-Sector Investment Group Partners with Coffee Business Center

Posted by Wynne McAuley on July 17, 2012 at 12:41 PM

MIG, or Multi-Sector Investment Group, is a company started in 2004 by the Rwandan government to contribute to the development of the region. The company produces honey and tea, as well as coffee, and is currently transitioning into three different companies, one for each product.

Upon splitting into separate companies, MIG turned to Jean-Paul, the founder of the Coffee Business Center (CBC) in Rwanda. The two organizations negotiated a partnership where CBC agreed to buy 60% of MIG shares – as a result most of the coffee-processing facilities are now owned and operated by Jean-Paul and CBC. Jean-Paul’s decades of experience working in the Rwandan coffee center make him a trusted leader to take on the MIG business.


With the partnership between CBC and MIG secured, MIG invested in new supplies and infrastructure needed to properly control the quality and increase the yield of their coffee. They have also invested in human capital, hiring a staff member to oversee quality, assess issues within the company, and provide support, training, and overall expertise when it comes to coffee production.

The CBC/MIG team has begun micro-roasting their coffee to sell in the domestic market – creating an opportunity to generate extra income and differentiate themselves in the Rwandan coffee world.

On a recent visit to a MIG washing station called Buremura, Sustainable Harvest® agronomist Boss Farijallah was impressed by their quality control and powerful washing and drying equipment.

The post was written by Mallory Dawson, 2012 Summer Fellow

Topics: Coffee, East Africa, MIG, Rwanda