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Sustainable Harvest acquires Twin Trading team and opens Sustainable Harvest Europe

Posted by Alfonso Carmona on November 4, 2019 at 9:55 AM


We’re thrilled to announce that Sustainable Harvest will be expanding operations to the UK and Europe. In a deal reached today, we acquired the talented Twin Trading team and assumed management of its extensive supplier and customer relationships.

Read the full press release here.

As soon as we learned that Twin was closing its doors, we knew we had to act; we felt a deep responsibility to preserve the longstanding relationships that Twin had forged between its customers and key producer groups in East Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. We’re excited to share that the former team at Twin Trading will join the Sustainable Harvest family as Sustainable Harvest Europe.

For those unfamiliar with Twin and its 35-year legacy of justice and sustainability, the organization is, in many ways, a spiritual “twin” of Sustainable Harvest, sharing many of the same values and mission-led initiatives. Twin, in fact, predates Sustainable Harvest, having formed in 1985 with a goal to reshape the approach to trade in favor of smallholder producers. They helped to lay the foundation for Fair Trade and were vanguards in the fight for ethical and transparent supply chains in coffee, nuts, and cocoa.

Read more about Twin’s storied history here.

What does this mean for our customers?

Sustainable Harvest will be expanding supplier relationships in Africa - meaning that our customers in the US will now gain access to new East African origins and the producer relationships that were built by the Twin Trading team. This means exceptional coffees from Uganda, the Congo, Burundi, and Tanzania will soon be available!

Our new European customers, on the other hand, will now have deeper access to coffee-producing origins in Latin America through our diverse portfolio of outstanding coffees from our MVPs at over 18 origins and specialty coffee powerhouses like Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru and others.

What's next?

This is an exciting time for us here at Sustainable Harvest, and for all of our partners. Twin was an inspiration in the founding of Sustainable Harvest, so to say that it will be an honor to serve their customers and carry on their decades of work empowering and uplifting farming communities around the world is an understatement. Our goal is to make this as smooth a transfer as possible with limited disruptions to continuity for our customers and producer partners. 

In this new chapter, we integrate immense talent and history as we combine forces to champion sustainable sourcing models and certifications that provide dignified livelihoods for farming families at the foundation of the coffee industry. We’re committed to maintaining Twin’s spirit and we have no doubt that together we will dream up new ways to use coffee to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges.

Here’s to building a brighter vision for the coffee world!

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